How does our team get back on track?

Teams are the cornerstones of organizations, but not all teams function optimally. Team spirit is not a given. How do you ensure productive teams, smoother collaborations, and how do you lift your employees’ spirit? How do you improve the development of your leaders and talent?

Focusing on a single task is out, multitasking is in. Organizations have to deal with constant changes. It requires a lot of flexibility of your employees. The organization itself also changes faster. Temporary teams are becoming more and more popular. 

But do these teams work?

Every office-employee is, on average, part of seven teams at the same time. In addition to their own department, they take part in projects, improvement-teams, process-teams, working groups, and taskforces. The one team functions properly, whereas others may not function at all. It is crucial to your organization that as much teams as possible are part of the first category. 

Shared dream

An important cause of the subpar performances of a team is the lack of a shared dream; goals are not clear enough, and there is no shared agenda. Team members cannot give their heart and soul to their job and are not appreciated as much as they should be; energy is wasted on the wrong things.

Often, there is also room for improvement in the teams’ collaboration. This can be done by making clear arrangements: who is responsible for what? It can also be done by communicating more evidently. This ensures that your employees know what they can expect of each other. Team members should acknowledge each other’s qualities and responsibilities through and through. The trick lies in creating an approachable culture in which people talk to each other instead of about each other.


iPM Partners is an experienced partner in team development. We support teams through our program Teamkracht, or a different approach. We know the success factors of teams, in both public and private organizations. We analyze them, coach them, and follow the developments with tools that measure maturity. During the training of your managers, executives, and employees, we teach them to embrace change and collaborate more effectively. This is how your employees can bring out the best of themselves, how they will collaborate better, and how they will contribute more to your organization. This is how we lift your teams to the highest level possible.

Curious as to how we do that?

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