How do we get our organization on the right track?

You are wondering whether or not your organization is as efficient as possible. Your focus is on short term and internal changes, but too little on clients. How will you use the right strategy to achieve your goals? Which KPIs do work? How will you get your employees involved when changing your track and organization?

A lot of entrepreneurs are swayed by the issues of the day. According to them, strategy is ‘the most important challenge’. Simultaneously, however, they realize that they ‘free too little time for strategy development’. This is the choke point for entrepreneurs and forms a big risk. Especially in this day and age, where the field changes rapidly and thus asks for quick responses.

From island-thinkers to client chains

Even if entrepreneurs manage to succeed in formulating a strategy, success is not guaranteed. The execution too often gets pushed back, which is unnecessary!

An important underlying cause for these strategy issues is a design of the management of the organization that is too rigid: the organization chart is sacred. This is what causes island-thinking and KPIs raising barriers for effective collaboration. Clients become victims of the affair and a lot of time is lost fixing mistakes.

Getting rid of the issues of the day

We know how to do it differently. We will achieve improved results, using our own iPM-Method, of which client chains, KPIs that do work, and team development are the ingredients.

We are glad to help you get rid of the issues of the day. We will assist you in developing a strategy that does work or executing your strategy correctly, so you will get the desired results and bring back enthusiasm to your employees.

Common sense

We can also assist you using LEAN and IT-tools, but we will never force these methods on you. If you are able to work with common sense – which is usually the case – we prefer to do so.

Do you want to know what we do exactly?

Order my book KPIs that do work (Dutch), watch the video, or invite me and I will tell you all about it.

Peter Geelen