Performance improvement in practice

‘Once you have your strategy on paper, the real work begins’, chess icon Garry Kasparov said. This is also true for the iPM®-Methodology. Whether you will get results and to what extent, mainly depends on an accurate execution. iPM Partners masters this like no other. 

With your employees

We work together with your people. There is only one person that can improve your organization: the man or woman on the shop floor. He or she has to execute. No one else. While working together with his or her colleagues. The iPM-Methodology stimulates employees on all levels to work together towards a better organization.

Energy and enthusiasm

iPM Partners challenges your people to look and act further than their job descriptions. We let them think about what is best for your customers. This leads to energy and enthusiasm. Employees feel challenged to get the most out of themselves. They learn from each other.


We perform a structured Methodology in which your people learn to improve. Those improvements work in two ways. The first is via frequent steering by management. Managers stimulate their colleagues to do things differently/better than before. The second way is by re-arranging processes. We do this with Lean and/or Six Sigma.

We make ourselves redundant

We help you master the iPM-Methodology to the point where you can work with our Methodology yourself. Making us redundant. After we leave, we periodically measure, if desired, how things are going. This ensures that your performance improvements will last.