Working towards effective KPIs

KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) promise organizations to perform better. Organizations can, using KPIs, measure whether they meet set (strategic) goals. Unfortunately, these KPIs rarely do as promised.

KPI medicine worse than condition

Literally translating indicators via the organogram is where it goes wrong. Within organizations, islands arise. Consider the sales department, that is after bonuses and achieve a higher sales target, whilst the production department cannot realize these demands. Implications: dissatisfied clients, complaints, and other lengthy issues. Because of this, companies tend to focus on their internal structures and on short term aims (issues of the day).

A different KPI structure is necessary

Peter Geelen developed the iPM-Method and founded iPM Partners. The backbone of this method is a KPI-structure that does not consider an organogram as guiding principle, but instead client chains. By linking KPIs within these chains, collaboration in the interest of clients is stimulated.

More than 15 years after this development, iPM Partners’ different outlook on KPIs has proven itself. We were able to establish a KPI-structure based on client chains for dozens of organizations. We also advised these clients as to which types of KPIs would work best on which levels within the organization. We do not limit us to KPIs that solely express a result (e.g. revenue per employee). Last but not least, we excel at our manner of visualizing KPIs. This is how your employees will maximize the use of this indicator.

More than KPIs

When the KPI-structure is linked to client chains, they are not an obstacle to working together effectively. However, effective collaboration requires more, e.g. clear processes and good leadership. In our programs, we will tackle all aspects.

The iPM-Method turns KPIs into instruments to steer with and learn from. You can adjust them on time, sometimes even before it takes a turn for the worse.

Do you want to know more about this different KPI structure?

In the video down below, we will explain what goes wrong and how to improve.

Do you want to revise your KPI structure? Are you doubting your KPI usage?

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