iPM Methodology

iPM is a methodology for performance improvement in organizations, developed by iPM Partners itself, incorporating best practices from other organizations. It is complemented by a toolkit and is transferable.

Customer chains

iPM starts with focusing your organization. Together with the management team we translate your strategy into concrete goals and result indicators. Additionally, we formulate the change message. Customer chains facilitate the steering process.What does the customer require and what does the customer receive. This improves support for changes which are relevant to the customer and it prevents silo-thinking, i.e. departments only going after their own goals.

Strategy maps

iPM Partners makes, together with you, your company strategy transparent and comprehensible for your employees. Strategy maps with customer chains, the change message, concrete goals and result indicators are the foundation. Employees translate the strategic goals as far as possible to their own working situation. This increases the support for changes and improvements.


iPM initiates a dialogue among employees on all levels. Improvement boards show their direct influence on customer satisfaction. Because they are working with customer chains (in which employees of different departments are involved) your people do not speak about each other but to each other. Those frequent conversations will lead to a culture of continuous improvement. Insight into everyone’s contribution and discussing it with each other, causes continuous learning among employees.


Applying iPM guarantees reaching your strategic goals. That leads to tangible and lasting results. Our customers will gladly share these experiences with you.