Integral Performance Management

iPM is a method developed by iPM Partners, and with the aid of best practices of others. Its aim is to improve performance in organizations. It has been developed into a toolkit and its transferable.

Client chains

iPM begins with pointing your organization into the right direction. Together with the management team we will translate your strategy to tangible goals and result indicators. Furthermore, we will formulate the message of change. Our starting point for determining the strategic goals and direction are client chains. What does the client ask for, and what do they get? This improves the collaboration on changes that are important for the client, and prevents a silo mentality (where departments only want to reach their own goals).

Strategy maps

iPM Partners works together with you on making your company’s strategy clear for employees. To do this, we use strategy maps with, for each employee/team, the client chains, the message of change, tangible goals, and result indicators. Employees will translate the strategical goals themselves, as much as they can, to their own situation. This will increase the support for changes and improvements.


iPM starts a dialogue between employees on all levels. Improvement boards show how they have a direct influence on clients’ satisfaction. Because of the client chains (in which employees of different departments are involved), your employees will no longer talk about each other, but instead with each other. The regular conversations will lead to a culture of improvement. Because of this dialogue, as well as the fact that everybody has a clear insight into each other’s contribution, employees will continuously learn from each other.

Results of integral performance management

Applications of iPM guarantee achieving your strategical goals. Which will result in tangible and permanent results. Our clients are happy to share their stories.