How loyal are our clients?

Thanks to the internet, the threshold to switch to other suppliers has become very low. If you want your clients to hold onto you, you have to listen to them and make a lasting impression. How do you get your employees to care for your clients? Which structured approach can actually increase the loyalty of your clients?

Getting your clients to hold onto you is more difficult now than ever. Thanks to the internet, your clientele is now able to compare all possibilities. With just one click, it becomes clear what others think of products and services.

A clients’ satisfaction rating of 3.5 to 4 out of 5 stars does not suffice anymore. Those who want their clients to remain loyal, have to create a fanbase. The key here is a client experience that is so much more than the average client contact. Clients tend to share their extremely positive and extremely negative experiences. These can make or break your company.

Client contact

Even though everyone knows that everything revolves around the client, a lot of companies deviate from this ancient aim. One of the main causes is the organization’s detachment from the original history of development and the enthusiasm of the founders. It is also possible that organizations grow too big too fast. This will then cause a gap between clients and the organization. Employees feel as if they are a mere number in the system, and clients notice this.

We think that client loyalty always begins with taking good care of your employees who maintain the client contact. You will only get loyal clients when your employees can work as efficiently as possible. They will do their best for your clients if you treat them well. For example: an inspiring working environment, the possibility to work with a clear and inspiring vision, and satisfactory appreciation and opportunities.

Client chain

Even if you treat your employees right, and put people with client talents (e.g. listening) in the right place, you are not there, yet. Your entire client chain, from order to delivery, has to be right. A weak link in the chain can destroy client loyalty and your employees’ motivation, as bad processes demotivate the best people.

iPM Partners can assist you in increasing both the humane and organizational elements of the client loyalty. We will gladly stand by your side to design the organization, train your talents, and working those client chains. Our iPM-Method distinguishes itself by working from a practical approach, of which client chains and tailored KPIs are the most important element.

Passionate improver

How do we do this? I would like to share that, and my own experiences as passionate improver of client loyalty at reputable companies with you. Call me to make an appointment,

Fred Vijvers