How do we reinvent ourselves?

Technology is changing entire branches rapidly and revolutionarily, which makes innovation a prerequisite. Yet new products and services often don’t get further than good ideas. How do you get that pioneering mentality and creative energy back, and how can you learn to innovate faster and more results-oriented?

Management books often create the illusion that innovative management is simple. We like to identify with successful entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs and Richard Branson, and, looking back, it seems obvious what they have done. However, in practice, it can prove to be disappointing to market new products or services.

Entrepreneurs in MKB are struggling with this. They do realize that innovation is a prerequisite for surviving in these variable times. The NOO (National Entrepreneurs Research) shows that they consider innovation, after strategy, as their biggest challenge. 75 percent of them even want to renew their current business model. Yet, this does not happen as often as it should. They say they cannot get past the issues of the day.

Practical approach innovation

An important cause that hinders innovation, is the lack of a practical and tangible approach to speed up innovation. In order for a new product to become a success, everything has to work out: from generating ideas, to creating products, and introducing it on the market.

To make this journey from idea to success work, the organization has to give it its undivided attention. Employees with entrepreneur-DNA have to get full mandate. The direction has to eliminate organizational obstacles quickly and consistently. I have learned how important this is when I developed and introduced Sara Lee’s business-internet solutions globally.


iPM Partners can help you say goodbye to day-to-day affairs and reach breakthroughs. Together with you, we ensure a working innovation-chain and a culture in which innovative employees can flourish. Which will give you the opportunity to market that trendsetting e-business-solution.

We do not represent difficult advice reports and painting ‘pretty’ pictures. We represent a practical method based on best practices, own experiences, and the iPM-Method. The latter guarantees a proper embedding of innovation in your strategy, using working KPIs. 

Accelerate innovation?

Do you want to start tomorrow to accelerate innovation? Call me. I would like to share my 40 years of knowledge with you.

Fred Vijvers