Social involvement

Organizations are the cohesive bond of society. When they thrive, everyone profits. iPM ensures a better performance for companies, educational institutions and healthcare organizations. This is how we contribute to a better world. 

Social return

Our efforts do not only translate in financial return, but in social return as well. We contribute to meaningful improvements. Consider: preventing early school leaving, decreasing absence through illness, less waste of crew, and more time and care for patients. This makes employees proud of their work and clients happier with the results.

Socially involved entrepreneurship

We also show our social involvement by contributing to good causes. We prefer sponsoring small-scale projects, aimed at making life of youth and adults with a disadvantage more valuable. We choose projects that distribute the money well. Among others, we support WSD’s Aantwerk initiative and Pluryn’s Cardo Theatre. As organization, we support healthcare. We do this in our projects by helping these organizations to become more effective and efficient, but also by giving back to those who cannot do so independently. 

We also help Asian Kidz Support. AKS supports the education of children in Asia. They invest in facilities such as classrooms, toilets, study material, etc. Money goes straight to where it is needed. This is done by supporting children, helping them enjoy education. Turning strategy into results.

Anniversary contribution to Asian Kidz Support

On October 10th 2017, we celebrated our 10-year-anniversary in Eindhoven by hosting an event filled with workshops and entertainment. We asked visitors, clients of iPM Partners, to contribute to AKS instead of giving gifts. This beautiful sum was doubled by us.


Aantwerk MVO initiatief WSD


Partnership with Stichting Cardo

Cardo Theatre offers an original form of socially justified entrepreneurship. Cardo Theatre has been organizing a surprising and varied cultural program in an informal and approachable atmosphere for well over 20 years. People meeting other people is central. Cardo’s existence is made possible through a loyal group of almost 100 companies that provide financial support. Furthermore, the 50 enthusiastic volunteers are indispensable.