Just what improves your results permanently

Do you want to improve your results permanently, serve clients better, and invest in your employees? We are the ones you have been looking for.

We use our own method, created and developed by our founder Peter Geelen, called integral Performance Management. This practical approach, based on best practices, has proven its value at companies, in healthcare, and in education. Organizations become more successful and innovative, employees start feeling better, and client-satisfaction rises. Even after we have left.

These results are not just caused by our unique view of client chains, team development, and smart KPIs. Our employees make the difference. Employees of iPM Partners are personal, pragmatic, and characterize themselves with a strong executive power.

No nonsense

We loathe unnecessary costs and consultant-nonsense, such as heavy advisory reports and unclear PowerPoint slides. Which is why we do not own an office and spend time with our clients at their office. All our energy goes into our passion: improve your organization, work method, and results noticeably. We adapt our approach to your organization. You will be ensured that our partners do not say what they think you want to hear. Our passionate and enthusiastic specialists work closely together with you and your employees.

Quickly and pragmatically we will turn your strategy into results and regain your organization’s focus on clients. We get rid of unnecessary obstacles, allow your teams to collaborate better, and reveal hidden talents. We will provide you with ‘the recipe’ and the means (e.g. online training) with which your employees can work themselves. Our aim is to become redundant. This way you can feel refreshed and renewed and go on without us.

We practice what we preach

What we teach others, is what we apply to our own organization as well. This means that we invest in our employees, are loyal to our clients, collaborate closely with each other, and continuously improve our method.