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Improving your results, serve your clients better and invest in your employees? Grant yourself the extremely practical and targeted Unconsultants of iPM Partners.

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iPM for companies

You are wondering if you are getting the most out of your organization. The issues of the day sway, there is too little focus on clients and innovation. We will work on strategy, structure, and support culture with you and your employees. We do this using an approachable dream-team which disappears when you can do it on your own. Thanks to client chains, KPIs that do work, and team development you will reach permanent better results that you desire so eagerly.

iPM and education

You want to make a difference in the quality of education and student satisfaction. Yet your employees experience a high work load and do not feel sufficiently connected to the goals of the organization. Together with your employees, we will improve the processes that are essential for students. Additionally, we will work on ownership and job satisfaction among teams. This will ensure employees to go that extra mile for each other, the students, and the organization.

iPM and healthcare

You want to innovate and increase your attraction on the scarce amount of healthcare professionals. But change is not coming along as quickly as you would like, and methods are inefficient. We will work with your employees and clients to create an incisive organization. We will eliminate unnecessary waste and lower the work load by improving processes and develop teams. Your employees will experience more responsibility and will have more time for their clients’ care.

iPM for housing corporations

Housing corporations notice a change in their tenants’ needs. They ask for an increasingly more diverse, affordable, and sustainable housing supply that does not exclude anyone. They desire a service that suits this digital century: efficiently where possible, warm and personal when needed. This requires housing corporations to have a more outside-focused organization and a smoother collaboration with partners. The iPM-approach can help you with this. Together with your employees, renters, and network partners, we work on versatile and client focused processes and a support culture. This increases the tenant-satisfaction whilst also increasing effectiveness and financial health of your corporation.